Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost Christmas

It's 2 days before Christmas!! What am I doing on the computer, well I don't know. I decided to pull up our blog today and I realized how much I love remembering what few entries I have on here. I also realized I don't do a very good job documenting our lives. At 14, 8 and 6, Jake, Katherine and Lauren are growing up so quickly and it's easier to forget the not so monumental moments in life. That being said I am going to start documenting our days more often.....

Starting with today...

We started off playing a little Wii. Then I suggested we make Salt Dough Ornaments. "No mom we want to keep playing". The girls have not touched the Wii in months. But last night we decided to play and now it's as if it is a brand new toy in our house. But keeping with my belief that kids should not be glued to the TV I dragged them to the kitchen for some fun. Okay no dragging was involved but within minutes the girls we having a blast!




After we put them in the oven we met Jim out at our lot to burn a little yard debris and then to run some errands in town. Here is Lauren helping to vacuum out the van at the carwash.

We returned home to play a litte more Wii. Honest we really are not video game junkies, I don't even let my kids turn the TV on during the week. Then we painted our ornaments and enjoyed a little dinner.




I even got in on the action. I was so into the game I did not even notice I was being photographed and I think I have a hurt shoulder. Why don't I realize I am NOT really knocking someone out.

I must confess...I love our Elf on a Shelf, but I am glad this is the last night he needs to find a place to hide in our home! We'll miss you Nick, come back next year.

Merry Christmas and goodnight!...

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Woodard Gang said...

Merry Christmas jeni!! So good to see you back on blogland :). I love the girls faces in the wii pics...priceless! Your kiddie are getting's sad how fast it goes isn't it?! I just got back on facebook recently...I'll friend ya :). We are going to savannah for new years to visit our friends and hopefully watch UCF beat UGA! I'll text you...maybe we can grab lunch on Sunday??