Saturday, June 18, 2011

We're Moving!

One month ago today we surprised the kids with a new house.  It was so much fun making the banner, hanging the balloons and coming up with the crazy story as to why I was taking them through this neighborhood one more time.  It was even more fun seeing the looks on the faces and hearing the excitement in their voices as the ran inside. 

Watch for more posts as we begin the task of making this house our home!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I was a Happy Birthday for my baby

March 30th my baby turned 7!! She has added so much fun and excitement to our family, I just could not imagine our lives without her.  Here are some of the highlights of her day!

Opening her look alike AG doll.  She named her Caroline!

Breakfast at Hardee's on the way to school!!

Cookie cake with her class at lunch!

 For dinner we drove up to Savannah and met Uncle Hal at The Shell House.  Such a treat!
It was such a fun day! Lauren we love you so much and thank God for your life. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swim hard or go home!

Today was Katherine's 1st swim meet swimming with GIST (Golden Isles Swim Team).  She had a fantastic meet!  She swam a 50 Freestyle, 25 Breast and a 50 Backstroke.  She placed 1st in her heat on the backstroke and was thrilled!! 

I realized during warm ups that I would not be able to take pictures of her during the meet.  If she sees me she cannot help but look up and smile and even wave at times. If this happened during an actual event it would not be good for her time. I know one day she will probably run and hide and deny knowing me if she sees me at the edge of the pool with a camera. I treasure the sweet innocense of youth.

Katherine (sitting on edge of pool on left) and her teammates.