Saturday, August 16, 2008

D-Day for Jeni!!!

Drop-off Day that it. AKA, the first day of school. This year was a little different in that it was the very first time I dropped ALL my children off and went home, all by myself. Okay Jim was technically in the car with me, but he came home and went straight to court. It was quiet....I mean QUIET around the house. No whining, no fighting, no Dora the Explorer, no laughter, no hugs, no being needed by anyone other than Chip, our new little chihuahua puppy. It was bitter sweet. But I will not lie, I enjoyed the day. Jim and I went out to lunch at our favorite little sandwich shop Angel's Cafe and I went to Target....all by myself. Wow, that was fun.

Oh, enough about me and the first day of school.....on to the kids. All three attend Heritage Christian Academy in Brunswick and they all LOVE IT there. Jake is in the 6th grade, Katherine 1st and little miss Lauren Leigh Pre-K.

This is how we started off our morning...

When I tell you all my kids have crazy hair in the morning I am not kidding!! Lauren with her mulkelberry (strawberry milk). I know, I know it's a sippy cup (really more like a cup with a lid) and she's 4, and she's starting school; but for pete's sake she's my baby. Oh and she's stubborn like her dad and I don't like to fight with her in the morning. So she gets her strawberry milk in a cup with a lid, it's like coffee for this 4 year old.

Jake was a bit nervous when we pulled up to the school and Jim hopped out of the van. He thought for sure Jim was going to walk him to the door or something way uncool like that. Luckily is was just for a quick picture. I think that is a smile of relief on Jake's face. He had a great day and really likes all of his teachers, three of whom go to our church.

Here we are walking the girls up to the school. Yep, I brought my blankie so I could camp out for the day.

Here is Lauren at her table. Notice the hair.....much better now!!! Once everyone arrived the whole class organized all the school supplies that were in their backpacks. We peaked back in and she was having a lot of fun.

Here is Katherine with a few of her classmates and the class gerbil "Cinderella". There are only 9 kids in her class and they are a sweet group of 1st graders. Miss Calicut is her teacher and Kat just LOVES her.

We are excited to see what God has planned for Jake, Katherine and Lauren this year. We'll keep you posted!!!

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