Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rocky Mountain High Colorado

(I know you are singing the old John Denver song now...although to be honest, it's the only line in the song I know)On June 17th the kids and I headed out to Colorado to spend a week with Karen, Hal and Michelle (Jim's one and only sister, for those of you who do not know). We all had a great time, Colorado is absolutely beautiful. All of you in the family who keep asking them when are they moving back to Georgia need to go spend some time where they live, and you'll understand why they are in no hurry to move back east!!!

We stayed busy every day while we were there. Hal even took Jake off for 3 days to play cowboy. What does that mean?...well no one really knows except a whole lot of target shooting, participating in some Western shows and watching Lonesome Dove. Oh boy I don't think I even want to run that title through!!! Jake had the best time.

While they were away us girls went to the North Pole(an amusement park for little ones), the Buell Children's Musuem and out to eat!!! Lauren found a new best buddy in Michelle. Lauren loved playing with Michelle's long hair and styling it in her own creative ways. She was also very interested in meeting her boyfriend. We were able to meet Scott one evening when he came over for dinner. Nice guy!!

All the kids loved their dogs ~ Buck, Jake and Lexi!! They are really ready for us to get our yard fenced in so we can get a dog of our own. We also enjoyed a couple nights of roasting S'mores around the fire pit in the back yard. Karen and Hal live in a beautiful location that allows you see horizon to horizon, even enjoying a view of Pike's peak.

We can't wait to get back out west. Next time we are hitting the slopes!!!

Enjoy the slide show. (Just a note: some of the pictures didn't save to the final slide show. I don't know why and didn't want to take the time to figure it out:)

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