Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

This past weekend we traveled to Jim's parents (just outside Atlanta) in Senoia. Katherine said it well when she woke up in the van at about 11:30pm and said "I see cow things. We're near Nonna and Pop's town." For those that don't know....Jim's parents moved to a new home a couple of years ago, it is a much shorter drive for us, so we try to visit when we get a chance. They live on 2 acres out in the country (well, country to me). Their neighbors have horses, there are dogs from various neighbors that make a way over to their house and Pop grows a great garden every summer. They have even added a fire pit which we have enjoyed using to roast marshmallows and eat S'mores.
We were able to attend an Atlanta Braves game this past Sunday. It was a blast. We met up with an old friend of Jim's, Doug Douer and his family. The Braves played the Mets and did not win, but still provided some good entertainment. All the kids had a great time cheering for the Braves and doing the Tom-a-hawk chop.
The best part was after the game when the kids were able to run the bases. After their Sunday games they have it set up where the kids can wait in line and run the bases around Turner Field. So we, along with every other child age 4-14 who attended the game, waited over an hour for the kids to the the chance to run the bases. It was awesome. There were my 3 little indians running around the big league field.
Here they are lining up. Lauren looks like she might be nervous. We were a bit dishonest and let her run even though she's only three.

......And she's off. That's Katherine getting ready to round second base. Like her mom she had to make sure she got a good head start on Jake. There was now way her big brother was going to beat her because, "I'm the fastest, right mom!"Here's Lauren. I don't think she could have smiled any bigger the whole way around. I wish I was quick enough to capture it in a picture. But as we were cheering her name when she was coming around third base, she just looked up at us beaming with excitement. I didn't capture a picture of Jake running. Well I did but he was behind one on the workers on the field when my camera clicked. Oh how I wish my dad was there to capture the images on film. After they were finished running, each child was given a t-shirt and certificate. That is Doug's daughter Isabel on the right. What would a Braves game be without a pre-game stop to the Varsity. We had a great time loading up on hotdogs, hamburgers, frosted orange and fried pies. Nonna even joined the fun and put on her Varsity cap. Jake said no way to the hat!! A good time was had by all.

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