Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Day of School

August 15th was a big day for all of us....THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Jake was ready to see his friends and thrilled that the 5th grade classrooms had been moved over to the upper school, Katherine was excited to go to school for the first time, Lauren was ready to enter first grade (never mind that she's only three), Jim was ready with his new camcorder to capture every moment and I was a mix of emotions....probably from having to get everyone up and out the door so early.
I even managed to squeeze in a home cooked breakfast, as pictured above. Katherine showed her female side by insisting on not wearing the jumper uniform but rather the skirt and shirt. Good thing I had all her uniforms washed and ironed. She wasn't thrilled about having to tuck in the shirt but she's used to it now. Okay I know from the looks of these pictures her hair is a mess (sorry mom and Nonna) but we did have barrettes in to keep it out of her eyes. She wanted to be a big girl and wear it down.

August 15, 2007

Of course we had to make sure to get the annual back to school pictures taken on the front steps. I know it looks like we were torturing Jake but really we were being nice.

Katherine was very excited to put her things in her cubbie and sit down at the table and look at books while all the kids were getting settled. She was happy to humor her parents by posing for some pictures in her classroom. Jake on the other hand made a mad dash for his class while Jim tried to video tape him.
Boy does time they are three years ago on Jake's first day of 2nd grade. Katherine, 2 and Lauren 4 months.

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